WhereMeetings are held at the Royal Dunkeld Hotel or in Cafe Calluna, Pitlochry.
WhenMonthly (Jan-Apr and Sept-Dec)
on a Tuesday (19:15 – 21:00)
ContactCafe Sci Pitlochry Aberfeldy Dunkeld

Upcoming events

Our new season will start in September, 2024. But don’t rule out a summer special or two!



Previous events

Apr 2024 – “Results from the GOALD study” led by Profs Catherine Hennessy & Greg Mannion, Social Sciences, University of Stirling.

Mar 2024 – “Effects of radiation on wildlife” led by Prof David Copplestone, Stirling Unversity

Jan 2024 – “Designing foundations for offshore installations” led by Prof Michael Brown, Dundee University

Dec 2023 – “Why do we get lost? : mechanisms of memory” led by Prof James Ainge, St Andrews

Nov 2023 – “Technology of OLEDs” led by Prof Eli Zysman-Colman, St Andrews

Oct 2023 – “Choking under pressure: in sport and music” led by Dr Ines Jentzsch, St Andrews

Sep 2023 – “Echoes from Thwaites Glacier” led by Dr TJ Young, St Andrews

Apr 2023 – “What is language for?” led by Dr Cat Hobaiter, St Andrews

Mar 2023 – “Targeted Protein Degradation” led by Prof Alessio Ciulli, Dundee University

Feb 2023 – “The state of glaciers in High Mountain Asia”, led by Prof T Bolch, TU Graz

Jan 2023 – “Thinking about thinking” – led by Dr Chris Benwell, Dundee University

Dec 2022 – “Metamaterials and surfaces” – led by Prof Andrea DiFalco, St Andrews

Nov 2022 – “Does Dark Matter exist?” – led by Dr Indranil Banik, St Andrews

Sep 2022 – “How will Scots pine respond to warming?” – led by Prof Rob Wilson, St Andrews

Aug 2022 – “Cosmic rays” – led by Prof Alan Watson, University of Leeds

Jan 2020 – “Buzz pollination” – led by Dr Jurene Kemp, University of Stirling

Dec 2019 – “Studying rocks and ice in space” – led by Dr Axel Hagermann, Stirling University

Nov 2019 – “How does your barley grow?” – led by Dr Sarah McKim, Dundee

Oct 2019 – “Climate Change: a geological history” – led by Dr James Rae, St Andrews

April 2019 “Unravelling the chemistry that drives lignocellulose degradation in nature.” – led by Dr Chris Lancefield, School of Chemistry, University of St Andrews

March 2019 “CRISPR gene editing – magic bullet or Armageddon?” – led by Professor Malcolm White, Biomedical Sciences, University of St Andrews

February 2019 “Why are some people left-handed and what has dyslexia to do with it?” – led by Dr Silvia Paracchini, School of Medicine, University of St Andrews

January 2019 “Recent advances in airport security screening.” – led by Dr Duncan Robertson, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of St Andrews

Dec 2018 “The science, politics and culture of river management in India: can we quench the thirst?” led by Prof. John Rowan, Dundee University.

Nov 2018 “Examining the Forensics: fact informing fiction.” led by Prof. Lorna Dawson, Hutton Institute.

Oct 2018 “Quantum computing: how does it work, and what is it good for? led by Dr Chris Hooley, University of St Andrews

Sept 2018 “Can computers be creative?” – led by Dr Alison Pease, University of Dundee.

Apr 2018 – “Managing multiple chronic conditions” – led by Dr Juliana Bowles, St Andrews.

Mar 2018 – “Becoming one of us” – led by Prof Malinda Carpenter, Psychology, St Andrews.

Feb 2018 – “Antibodies” – led by Prof Jenny Woof, School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee.

Jan 2018 – “Can computers be creative?” – led by Dr Alison Pease, Dundee (postponed).

Dec 2017 – “The crystal maze” – led by Prof Philip Lightfoot, St Andrews.

Nov 2017 – “The long-term co-evolution of Earth and Life” – led by Dr Mark Claire, St Andrews.

Oct 2017 – “The light’s for turning” – led by Dr Martin Dominik, University of St Andrews.

Apr 2017 – “Analysis of wildlife populations” – led by Prof David Borchers, St Andrews.

Mar 2017 – “The long-term influence of early-life environment” – led by Dr Mandy Drake, Edinburgh.

Feb 2017 – “Why do we love music?” – led by Dr Ines Jentzsch, University of St Andrews.

Dec 2016 – “Bose-Einstein condensates” – led by Dr Donatella Cassettari, University of St Andrews.

Nov 2016 – “How quantum mechanics feeds Buridan’s ass” – led by Dr Chris Hooley, St Andrews.

Oct 2016 – “Human visual perception and 3-d vision.” – led by Prof Julie Harris, St Andrews.

Apr 2016 – “Thyroid function in preterm babies” – led by Dr Fiona Williams, University of Dundee.

Mar 2016 – “Ethnic segregation and inequalities” – led by Dr Nissa Finney, University of St Andrews.

Feb 2016 – “Imaging the early stages of life” – led by Dr Mike MacDonald, University of Dundee.

Jan 2016 – “Origin of gender differences” – led by Dr Gillian Brown, University of St Andrews.

Dec 2015 – “Tails of regeneration” – led by Dr Ildiko Somorjai, University of St Andrews.

Nov 2015 – “Geophysical insight into the past” – led by Dr Richard Bates, University of St Andrews.

Oct 2015 – “Spooky action at a distance” – led by Dr Chris Hooley, SUPA, University of St Andrews.

Sep 2015 – “Step your way smarter.” – led by Dr Josephine Booth, University of Edinburgh.

May 2015 – “Does maths count?” – led by Dr Fordyce Davidson, University of Dundee.

Apr 2015 – “What we can learn from GPS tracking” – led by Dr Jed Long, University of St Andrews.

Mar 2015 – “High pressure chemical engineering” – led by Prof C Schaschke, Abertay University.

Feb 2015 – “Why do smokers find It so difficult to quit?” – led by Prof D. Balfour, Univ. of Dundee.

Dec 2014 – “Stem cell research and Parkinson’s disease” – led by Dr Tilo Kunath, Edinburgh Uni.

Nov 2014 – “Sudden death” – led by Dr Anna Maria Choy, Dundee University.

Oct 2014 – “Quantum physics” – led by Dr Chris Hooley, St Andrews University.

Sep 2014 – “The earth beneath our feet” – led by Prof Wilfred Otten, Abertay University.

May 2014 – “Economics: how it shapes the world” – led by Dr Philip Roscoe, St Andrews University.

Apr 2014 – “Monitoring the Montserrat volcano” – led by Dr Dav Macfarlane – St Andrews.

Mar 2014 – “Glaciers in the Cairngorms” – led by Dr Martin Kirkbride – Dundee University.

Feb 2014 – “The psychology of morality” – led by Dr Sana Sheikh – University of St Andrews.

Jan 2014 – “Colon cancer from a biologist’s perspective” – led by Prof Inke Näthke – Dundee.

Nov 2013 – “The merits of bi-lingualism” – led by Prof Antonella Sorace, University of Edinburgh.

Oct 2013 – “Reliable renewable energy” – led by Dr Mark Symes, Glasgow University.

Sep 2013 – “Watching grass grow” – led by Dr Robert Clement, Edinburgh University.

Jun 2013 – “The Sun: friend or foe?” – led by Dr Lyndsay Fletcher, Glasgow University.

Apr 2013 – “Cancer – what’s poverty to do with it?” – led by Prof Nora Kearney, Dundee University.

Feb 2013 – “The war on viruses” – led by John Short, University of St Andrews.