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All our Northampton Cafe Scientifique talks are hosted by the Centre for Health Sciences and Services

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Previous events

Dr Hilda Hayo – The Dementia Challenge

The first Cafe Scientifique event in Northampton took place on Thursday 31st October 2019. We were delighted that it was delivered by Dr Hilda Hayo, Chief Admiral Nurse & CEO for Dementia UK.

This inaugural talk, titled:  The Dementia Challenge 2018-2020, focused on:

• prevalence of dementia
• the implications of a rise in the number of people living with dementia
• what Dementia UK and Admiral Nurses do
• evaluation of the effectiveness of Admiral Nursing services

Dr Declan Ryan – The Sitting Disease

Our second talk was from Dr Declan Ryan, Exercise Physiologist, who spoke about ‘The Sitting Diseaseand the effects it could have on our health as we enter older age.

Dubbed the ‘New Smoking’ and the ‘Sitting Disease’ by the media, the health effects of prolonged sitting have grabbed the headlines in recent months. Dr Declan Ryan, an expert in sitting research, talked about how this new focus on sitting within health research came about. Declan highlighted some of the surprising health statistics related to prolonged sitting and asked our audience to share what tactics they have to prevent the ‘Sitting Disease’ from getting a hold of you.


Prof Jeff Ollerton – Pollinators & Pollination: Nature and Society          Thursday 25 June

In June we held our first Virtual Cafe Scientifique where Prof Jeff Ollerton, (Professor of biodiversity, University of Northampton) drew on his experiences of field work in South America, Africa, Australia, the Canary Islands and the UK, to offer a unique and personal insight into the science of pollinators and pollination, aimed at anyone who was interested in understanding these fascinating and crucial ecological interactions.

Jeff, one of the world’s leading pollination ecologists also examined how individuals and organisations can support pollinators?

If you would like to view this event please visit: Pollinators and Pollination: Nature and Society

Prof Jeff Ollerton – Biodiversity Blog and book offer

Dr Inga Stewart & Dr Alessandra Girardi – Using technology to support individuals living with dementia. Thursday 22 October

Our second online event looked at how technology can support people living with dementia and their carers. Due to safety concerns, access to a wide range of relevant and personalised activities in secure care settings may be limited.

Dr Inga Stewart, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Dr Alessandra Girardi from St Andrew’s Healthcare discussed the challenges and benefits of technology in mental health care. Case studies describing exposure to virtual reality environments and interactions with digital journals were presented.

If you would like to view this event please visit: Using technology to support individuals living with dementia

Dr Federico Farini – Friendship, trust, diversity:children’s experiences in the classroom. Thursday 25 February 2021

The classroom can be a small but nevertheless complex social world of friendship, mutual trust between children and teachers, school-families relationships and the impact of linguistic and cultural differences. A European Research Project examines the intersection between these layers of social experience and how it affects children and adults.

Dr Federico Farini, a childhood and youth sociologist talked about data from the first part of Child Up. Federico has been leading the design and evaluation of action-research projects committed to promoting young people’s well-being for 15 years, working with Local Authorities, National Governments and the European Commission. Recently he was awarded two large research projects on the integration of migrant children in education systems across Europe.

If you would like to view this event please visit: Friendship, trust, diversity: children’s experiences in the classroom

Dr Lewis Waterfield – Citrus essential oils and their natural antibacterial properties. Thursday 1st July, 5pm-6.30pm

July’s Café Scientifique was part of this year’s exciting STEAM Northants programme of events. Common treatment methods for microbial infection and contamination are under threat from a naturally occurring
phenomenon known as ‘Antimicrobial Resistance’. As this microbial threat develops, scientists have been trialling novel treatments to tackle these infections.

Dr Lewis Waterfield’s talk outlined his research findings using citrus fruit essential oils as a method to combat bacteria, like the hospital superbug MRSA. Lewis from the University of Northampton discussed how he got into science research and teaching, and finally, how these findings could be applied in both clinical and food environments.