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Monday 6th December 2021
What will it take to revive our rivers?
Christine Colvin

Join on Zoom. Meeting ID: 634 225 0593 Passcode: mahzoom

Our rivers are indispensable – the arteries of healthy landscapes, they connect ecosystems, bring us essential drinking water aand form natural places we love. But for so long, in many nations including the UK, they have been used as waste conveyor belts, receiving the brunt of waste and water mismanagement in towns and on farms. We know our rivers are in a terrible state, and every time we lift the lid, we find more and more pollution. From micro-plastics to panty-liners, our rivers are awash with horror stories. What will it take to revive them and have we left it too late?

Christine Colvin spent most of her early years in Surrey. She headed to Africa as a geologist in the early ‘90s, and discovered her love for water in the Kalahari desert in Namibia while participating in a drought relief project. She worked in water research for many years in South Africa, particularly on the role of groundwater in sustainable development. Ten years with the World Wildlife Fund in South Africa bought her focus towards catchments and protecting the headwaters of the major river basins on which this water-scarce country depends; the mega-drought in Cape Town highlighted the importance of underground water and communities’ relationship to water and their natural resources.

Christine returned to the UK in 2020 just before lock-down, and is now with the Rivers Trust as their Director of Partnerships and Communications. The Rivers Trust supports catchment partnerships and local member trusts around the country to revive and engages with national government on important issues that influence the resilience of our rivers in our changing world.

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