WhereThe Head of Steam
3 North Road

A great venue, conveniently close to the bus station!
WhenMark your calendars for every third/fourth Thursday of the month, starting at 5.45pm
ContactDurham Cafe Scientifique

Durham’s Cafe Scientifique is making a comeback!

The monthly science event that puts in touch people willing to know with people willing to share. Engage in captivating 30-minute science talks presented by speakers from Durham University!

Upcoming events

Explore the wonders of …

Thursday February 29th
The cheat code to simulating real materials
Visagan Ravindran, PhD student with the Condensed Matter Physics group

Thursday March 21st
The expanding universe and the Hubble tension
Sergio Sevillano Muñoz, Postdoctoral researcher with the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology

Thursday April 25th
Playing on a quantum computer
Ana Retore, Postdoctoral researcher with the Mathematical & Theoretical Particle Physics group