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Whenusually the third Tuesday of each month whenever possible,
7:30 to about 9:00pm
ContactMike Rose-Troup

Call Mike Rose-Troup on 01900 826903 to reserve a place. Booking opens the WEDNESDAY before the date of the Café at 8am. Please also note that you may only reserve places for a maximum of 4 people. Sorry, but we can’t take bookings by email.

We’ll take £1.50 from you at the door! (Students are, of course, free.)

If you can’t take up your reserved place please let us know as a waiting list operates when we fill the maximum of 61 places.

Upcoming events

15 October
Exploring our Solar System with Spacecraft
Chris Arridge

The launch of Sputnik in 1957 initiated a space race that led to our exploration of the solar system. Chris will describe some of the technologies used to further our understanding of the solar system and show how these have a lineage going back to the birth of the space age.

19 November
Reproduction: why so many ways of doing it?
Laura Ross

Sex – the mixing of heritable material of two individuals – is nearly universal among multicellular organisms. Yet the variety of ways organisms achieve this is staggering. Organisms can, for example, differ in the way in which genetic material is inherited or how the genes of two parents are combined to form an offspring. Why there is such large variability in a process that is so fundamental remains one of the unsolved mysteries of life. Laura will discuss some of the latest research into alternative reproductive strategies in animals and why and how these might have evolved.

10 December
Setting the Table: finding the order of the elements
Fabio Parmeggiani

A high-speed journey through the key steps that led to the masterpiece of the periodic table of the elements: from the four classical elements of the ancient Greeks (air, earth, fire, water) through the relentless work of the alchemists and of great scientists such as Boyle, Priestley, Cavendish and Lavoisier, all the way down to the genius of Mendeleev and his solitaire card game, destined to change forever the way we understand the universe around us.

This talk is being sponsored by the Royal Society for Chemistry as part of their IYPT Public Lecture Series. 2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table.

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