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Welcome to Cafe Scientifique at Bardon Mill Village Hall

Tickets cost £5 per cafe or you can buy a £25 season ticket (only available at the start of the year).  The price includes coffee/tea and cake/biscuits. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased. 

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7th January

North Pole – the Hard Way with Conrad Dickson. Travelling unsupported to the North Pole is considered the hardest expedition in the world.  Only 12 people had gone unsupported to the North Pole before. This would complete the trilogy of the 3 big polar journeys unsupported & the only Brit to have done it.

3rd March

Life, the Universe and other things by Alex Price.  Astrobiology is one of the newest & most dynamic fields in science looking at the most fundamental questions of life: Where did we come from? Where are we headed? Are we alone? Alex Price is a Geomicrobiologist who is simulating early Mars in the lab to discover what could have survived there and what traces it may have left.


Can Abandoned Mines Heat our Future? by Dr Adams Abandoned coal mines underlie approx one quarter of the UK built environment & are estimated to contain enough heat to supply 180 million homes. Dr Adams will focus on research she & colleagues have undertaken to evaluate & promote this energy source.  An Assistant Professor at Durham, her PhD is in mine water treatment.

7th July

Progress in the Fight Against Cancer: A Personal Perspective by Prof Herbie Newell. The causes of cancer, current statistics & progress in prevention, early detection & treatment.  Emeritus Professor at Newcastle University & Professor of Drug Development, Prof Newell was founding Scientific Director of the Northern Institute for Cancer Research & has contributed to the discovery & development of six licensed anticancer drugs. 

1st September

The Japanese sword- “The nearest thing to perfection ever made by human hand” The metallurgy, construction and evolution of the Japanese sword has established it as an efficient cutting weapon & iconic representation of Japanese art & culture for 1000+ years.  Paul Bowman is the Chairman of the Token (Japanese Art Sword) Society of Great Britain & has been a student & collector of Japanese swords for 35+ years.

3rd November TBC 

Tuesday 5th November
An ocean of plastics: what is the problem, is there a solution?
Keith Buchanan
Keith has worked on biological expeditions & led wildlife watching groups around the world. He considers the growing evidence that plastics pose a huge threat to ocean wildlife and perhaps to humans.

Tuesday 3rd September
Healthy ageing
Spencer Boyle

An interactive session looking at how activities and exercise can help across the life course.
Dr Spencer Boyle is a senior lecturer in sport at Northumberland University, has published many articles and is currently part of the Exercise is Medicine network.

Tuesday 2nd July
Light based cancer treatments – skin, head, neck and beyond
Sam Whitehouse

Over the last decade compounds have been developed that can kill target cells by activating a drug using light. Sam will introduce some fundamentals and explore the opportunities for light-based treatments and their use in the medical field.
With a background in chemistry and molecular biology, Dr Sam Whitehouse works with innovative research-focused companies.

Tuesday 7th May
Adventures in tea chemistry
Iain Cloughley

Replacing the myth & mystique with science & technology: a look at how modern scientific methods and instrumentation can be used to improve yield, quality and the value has contributes to the of Central Africa and Malawi.
Dr Iain Cloughley is a pharmaceutical chemist and has worked in R&D for many organisations around the world.

Tuesday 5th March
The solar system: an interactive tour
Emma Guerrero

Emma is a space enthusiast and regularly gives talks.

Tuesday 8th January
Energy Goes Local
David Rimmer

How energy and its supply is being decentralised, decarbonised and democratised, and how local groups are developing their own energy schemes as well as tackling energy efficiency and fuel poverty.
Dr David Rimmer is a board member of Brampton & Beyond Energy Ltd.