WhereDuring the pandemic, cafes took place online.

We made a live – socially distanced! – return to Brampton Community Centre in June 2021.
WhenLast Thursday of the month, except December
Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm start
Reserve tickets @ £4 or £5 on the door (U18s free)
016977 45023
ContactTimothy Coombe

Upcoming events

Sarah Bridle
Change your diet: the easiest way to help reduce your climate impact

Owen Morgan
How to be a good farmer in the 21st century

Ron Read
History and technology of bells

Roger Williams
The psychology of science

Beth Nichol
3D eye scanning and artificial intelligence to create an early diagnostic tool for neurological disorders

Chris Turner (Natural England)
Catchment-sensitive farming (TBC)

Previous events



How to make Brampton a zero carbon and energy self-sufficient community
Phil Dunn, David Rimmer and Tim Coombe

Satellite Imagery Analysis
Phil McLachlan

The Irish Sea Marine Protection Area
Georgia de Jong Cleyndert

Heather Devey
Introduction of beavers to the UK

Abigail Burt
From birds to rocks and back again

Jack Brennand
Measuring carbon storage in peat bogs


Deborah Land
Peatlands from the global to the local perspective.

Colin Partington MBE
Ionising Radiation and Radioactivity

David Sobral
Slicing the universe in cosmic time to discover the most distant galaxies and unveil our cosmic origins

Luke Barnes and Geraint Lewis Western Sydney University
The Cosmic Revolutionary’s Handbook or How to Beat the Big Bang

Jonathan Steven
Brampton’s Cool Technology for a warming earth!

Mike Yerbury
21st Century sustainable forestry operations

Ian Jackson
Landscape as a witness: Climate and geological change in the Brampton area

Ian Tamm
Thinking, The Senses and Science

Jeremy Melling
What’s the point of heritage In architecture?

Charlotte Adams
Recovering energy from mine water for Haltwhistle swimming pool

Donald R. Sadoway
Liquid metal battery technology for large scale storage

Brian Richardson
Renewable Energy technology in Scotland/Dumfries

Allan Adams
What the discovery of gravitational waves means

Sarah Melling
Why aren’t there more women with careers in science?

Roger Williams
Child psychology

Chris Turner
Natural England Catchment sensitive farming

Steve Rozario
The Geology of Venus

Pete Edwards
Are personal air quality monitors still a thing of the future?

Phil Mclachlan
Satellite imagery (optical and radar) as a data source

George Aggidis
Tidal and wave power

Jenny Garbe
Eden Rivers Natural Flood Management