Where No.4 Bar and Restaurant
When June 19th 18:30
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Cafe Scientifique Christchurch will hold it’s second event on Monday June 19th at 18:30 2023 at No.4 Bar and Restaurant Merivale

Wastewater – a window into the soul of a community. What the analysis of wastewater can tell us about drugs, infectious diseases and our health, wellbeing and behaviour.

Dr Brent Gilpin is a molecular biologist who has been involved in outbreak investigations and product recalls related to a number of organisms and has been internationally recognised for his work on tracking disease-causing organisms. He is a Senior Science Leader at the Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd (ESR) and manages the Water and Waste Research team. Brent helped with establishing the illicit drugs in wastewater programme in New Zealand, and over the last few years Brent co-lead the team that helped the government understand the spread of Covid-19 through our community with waste water sampling and analysis. After traversing what we have learnt from wastewater about illicit drug usage in New Zealand, and the spread of COVID-19, Brent will explore the future of wastewater analysis. What else do we know or can we learn from our waste water? Are there legal, ethical and moral limits to what we can use wastewater to understand? Brent will be talking to us about this on Monday 19th June at No.4 Bar and Restaurant Merivale at 6:30pm

On top of that Brent is a member of the Don Greig Racing Stables running club and is a pretty handy runner having travelled the length and breadth of NZ to run competitive races anything from 5km to marathons and he enjoys a good beer if there’s one on offer.

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