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Recent speakers   

Thursday 27th February 2014

The peculiarities of the naked mole-rat – what can we learn from them?

Ewan St John Smith


Wednesday 15 January 2014

The saga of alemtuzumab in the treatment of multiple sclerosis


Alastair Compston


Wednesday 26th June 2013

Bad moves: how decision-making goes wrong and the ethics of smart drugs

Barbara Sahakian


We make decisions all the time, so often that we take our ability to do so for granted. But what happens if we lose this ability because of brain injury or illness?



Tuesday 12 March 2013

Making a difference across the globe

Shankar Balasubramanian

Using a microchip system, Solexa Sequencing (now part of Illumina sequencing) can decode billions of DNA fragments at the same time.This has transformed bioscience by speeding up the reading of a human genome by around a million times. Thanks to Solexa Sequencing, personalised medicine is a step closer; it will soon be possible to make clinical decisions based on the actual genetic information of the patient or infectious agent.



Wednesday 30 January 2013

Breast Cancer- the biology behind the silent killer

Haley Frend



Tuesday 30th October


Losing your world while falling asleep


Tristan Beckinstein




In the last few years Tristan has concentrated on describing different states of consciousness, such as wakefulness, sleep, sedation and the vegetative state. Now, he is looking at how we lose consciousness and how we get it back.




Tuesday 8th May

How intelligence happens

John Duncan 


Tuesday 27th March

What is pain and how can we treat it?

Peter McNaughton


Tuesday 21st February

Open your mind

Hannah Critchlow


January 10th, 2012 

Brain control of appetite & body weight

Lora Heisler


Tuesday 22nd November 2011

A window on the biology of behaviour: insights from syndromes of genetic origin

Tony Holland


Tuesday 11th October

NHS rationing, NICE or nasty? The value of statistics

Linda Sharples


Tuesday 14th June 2011

Learning about learning - a new approach to studying Huntington's Disease

Jenny Morton


Tuesday 17th May 2011

Zero degrees of empathy

Simon Baron-Cohen


Thursday 17th February 2011

Untangling Alzheimer's disease

Graham Fraser


Tuesday November 9th

DNA and cancer

Ron Laskey


TUESDAY October 19th

Dementia and an ageing society

Carol Brayne


Wednesday 14th July 2010

Synthetic biology: making artificial life?

Gos Micklem, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge


Wednesday 16th June 2010

Gambling and the brain

Luke Clark, Experimental Psychologist at the University of Cambridge


19th May 2010

Are my genes to blame when my jeans don't fit?

Giles Yeo, Institute of Metabolic Science, University of Cambridge


28th April 2010

Ape Research in Indonesia - Marrying Science with Conservation

Susan Cheyne, Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, University of Oxford


Wednesday 24th March 2010 

Jumping to delusions - how the brain takes dangerous shortcuts

Paul Fletcher, Bernard Wolfe Professor of Health Neuroscience, Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge


24th February 2010  

Our Place in the Cosmos

Carolin Crawford, Institute of Astronomy


27th January 2010

Pandemic! Where do new infections come from?

Chris Smith, Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge 


9th December 2009

Genetic testing: truth or dare?

Caroline Wright


11th November 2009

Exploiting bacteria to battle cancer 

Guillermo de la Cueva Mendez


14th October 2009

Shrinking down nutrition: nanofoods

Dora Pereira