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Saturday, September 16, 2017, 10:00 to 13:00 GMT+1

Science, art, religion and underdevelopment in Africa: a paradigm shift


Olufemi Odubiyi, Oyewale Tomori, Mosto Onuoha, Kunle Adewale


Not only in Africa but at everywhere in the world, there has been a point where there is friction between science and religion. Science has provided us with the tools to conquer debilitating diseases and hunger but it has also increased our destructive capacity. 


Nigeria, and by extension Africa, is sometimes said to be the corner of the globe where humanity has the most absurd emotional commitment to counterfactual and significantly counterintuitive beliefs that manifest as superstitions and taboos. 


However, a more careful and sober reflection suggests that the tendency to form counterfactual beliefs is evolutionary and so universal, regardless of cultural differences. This means Africa is not unique in its commitment to counterfactual and counterintuitive beliefs.


If counterfactual belief is culturally universal, is it fair to attribute pervasive under-development on the continent to this commitment? Do we need look elsewhere for answers to this riddle?


Olufemi Odubiyi  is the Commissioner for the Ministry of Science and Technology in the Lagos State Government, Oyewale Tomori is the former president of the Nigerian Academy of Science, Mosto Onuoha is President of the Nigerian Academy of Science and Kunle Adewale is the Executive Director of TenderArts Nigeria, the 2015 Mandela Civic Leadership Washington Fellow and the 2016 Recipient of the Commonwealth Youth Worker Award.



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