Café Scientifique pops up in newspapers, magazines , on the radio ... and lots of other places. 

Edinburgh University Podcast

Find the latest science news and listen to interviews and discussions on the Edinburgh University Science Magazine podcast, run by undergrads, postgrads, post-docs and staff from the University of Edinburgh.

Kenya - The People Daily

Exploring scientific literacy through science cafes. "The world continues to explore new ideas on increasing scientific literacy and bridging the gap between science and society ...". Download a pdf of this article.


Older media coverage

Chicago Public Radio

January 2009 Three to See - Wine and Dine - Cafe Scientifique. "The concept is simple: a group of people interested in science meet in congenial surroundings (alcohol seems to fuel the conversation)..." Link to the broadcast here.

The Oregonian

January 2009 Science lectures draw thirsty, inquiring Oregonians. "Recent college grads, retirees and working folks stream into the Mission Theater and fill their tables with pizza, burgers and pitchers of beer. Getting ready to watch a football game? Nope. A live band? Not quite. The topic of the night is engineering." Read the article here.

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