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Cosmic Comics

Cosmic Comics follows the adventures of three ordinary teenagers, who are given access to the fantastic facilities of the Faulkes Telescope South.

Published weekly on Planet Science, the five episode comic will be supported by short articles explaining the science behind the children’s exploits as well as interactive polls and quizzes to test readers’ astronomy knowledge. All five episodes will remain on the website allowing browsers to catch up on any missed episodes. 

The central characters in the Cosmic Comics are Jake, Mara and Ravi who are studying for their GCSEs at the White Horse Academy in Rockley. They are taught by astronomy enthusiast Mr Krater who has managed to get access to the Faulkes Telescope South. The ‘Cosmic Comics crew’ turn their eyes towards the heavens and put our solar system under scrutiny and as they get to grips with using a real research telescope their adventures begin.  


The future of science communication has arrived!

"With the future of the Royal Institution in severe doubt, those who care about science communication in Britain should take this opportunity to discuss publicly how the landscape should change."

The fate of the pioneering and venerable Royal Institution is under discussion.  Nature (January 24th) offered one interesting comment: 'People flock to informal venues and to the type of flamboyant entertainment pioneered by Faraday. Cafés Scientifiques have taken off in many countries ...', which we know is true!

The full article is here.

And in celebration of this recognition, the Leeds cafe has composed a special song Sweet Cafe Scientifique (with thanks to Chuck Berry). 

North and South

North and South

Emails arrived from two potential cafe organisers on the same day recently. One was from Christchurch, in New Zealand and the other from Oulu, in Finland. So what? By an odd coincidence, they will be the most southerly and most northerly cafes in the world! 

Isle of Wight cafe scientifique ...

The Cafe Scientifique on the Isle of Wight (UK) is so good, the Town Council has adjusted its meeting dates so councillors can get to the cafe ...

Read the full story here.

New UK Cafes

Several new cafes have started in the UK in 2012. There was quite a flurry in February, with cafes starting in Henley, Shrewsbury, Sidmouth and Ipswich and news of one in Derry-Londonderry that's actually been going for a while. Later this month (April) a new cafe will start in London, at Exmouth Market.