Older media coverage

Chicago Public Radio

January 2009 Three to See - Wine and Dine - Cafe Scientifique. "The concept is simple: a group of people interested in science meet in congenial surroundings (alcohol seems to fuel the conversation)..." Link to the broadcast here.

The Oregonian

January 2009 Science lectures draw thirsty, inquiring Oregonians. "Recent college grads, retirees and working folks stream into the Mission Theater and fill their tables with pizza, burgers and pitchers of beer. Getting ready to watch a football game? Nope. A live band? Not quite. The topic of the night is engineering." Read the article here.

El Metro (Mexico City)

March 2008 Las tribus de la ibero Article about first cafe in the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City (Spanish). Link here.


December 2007 Science Cafes Tap Nation's Fascination with Research and Discoveries Read the article here.

Time Out Chicago

December 2007 Great minds drink alike "When he talks about mapping the ancient universe using 13-billion-year-old light waves on Monday 17, University of Chicago professor Clem Pryke won’t be holding a piece of chalk and pointing at diagrams ..." Read the article here.

Dialogue in cyberspace

Cafe sci in a virtual world? Interactive 'grid' cafes. Download paper (pdf) here.

Chicago Tribune

October 2007 Lecture series hopes science draws crowds - view here

Guelph Mercury (Ontario, Canada)

September 2007 Launch of Cafe Scientifique in Guelph - Environment Focus of Scientifique Series - view here

Daily Gazette (USA)

September 2007. Energy is 'hot topic' at science cafe. News from the first Albany Science Lounge - view here.

Humboldt Kosmos (Germany)

Summer 2007. Science at the cafe - Paolo Politi, organiser of Caffè-Scienza, Florence, writes about Caffè-Scienza for Humboldt Kosmos, the magazine of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. View here (English language - pdf).

ABC World News Webcast (USA)

May 2007. Webcast featuring the Secret Science Society in New York City and Cafe Scientifique Arlington. View here.

Muskegon Chronicle (USA)

April 10, 2007. Short editorial: "Cafe Scientifique may be your cup of tea". To read, click here.

Periodocity (USA)

February 15, 2007. Podcast from WSST. No 34 - Cafe Scientifique. An interview with Randy Lansberg, director for education and outreach with the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics at the University of Chicago about Cafe Scientifique in Chicago.

Chicago Tribune (USA)

Sunday, January 21 2007 "Think and Drink - Cafe Scientifique puts a nice head on a bar scene thirsty for something more". To read, click here.

Sacramento Bee (USA)

Monday, November 20, 2006 "Knowledge in a casual setting" - San Francisco's Ask a Scientist cafe. To read, click here.

ABC7 San Francisco (USA)

Monday, November 13, 2006 -- "Order a beer, ask a scientist". TV news piece on the San Francisco cafe, Ask a Scientist. To view, click here. To watch the item, click here (youtube link).

Cell (Europe)

Cell 126; July 28th 2006. Duncan Dallas discusses whether café scientifique is a fashionable by-product of a comfortable age or an indicator of the changing relationship between science and society. To read or download, click here.

WILL-AM 580 News (USA)

'The public television series “Nova” knew it long ago – people are interested in science, especially if it’s boiled down into how it affects their life and the world around them. A Champaign woman (Carla Scaletti) is helping turn that interest into a two-way discussion in a friendly atmosphere. AM 580’s Tom Rogers went to the first local meeting.' Link here.

Crisscross (Japan)

"Coffee shops turn into science cafes." Click here to view.

The Japan Times

"UK-inspired 'science cafes' seen provoking general interest." Click here to view.

Clean Slate (magazine of the Centre for Alternative Technology)

Speakers from the CAT took part in Cafe Scientifique events in Europe, organised by the British Council as part of their Zero Carbon City project. Click here to view.

New York Times, 21st February 2006

"Science for the masses (You want fries with that?)"

Following a presentation about Cafe Scientifique at the AAAS meeting in St Louis, the NYT ran this article. Click here to view.

UMN News, 10th September 2004 (USA)

"Hard Science meets happy hour". Article about the Minneapolis cafe. Click here to view.


Recent article about Café Scientifique in Liverpool. Click here to view.


Recent article about Café Scientifique in Leicester. Click here to view.


The cafe in Settle featured in the mid-May Times Educational Supplement in the FE Focus section. 

Lancaster organiser

Sue Weldon, our Lancaster organiser, wrote (with Patricia Fara) an article for the Society for Experimental Biology Bulletin.

The Scotsman

The Scotsman sent  a reporter down to check out the launch of the Glasgow Café Scientifique. See ‘An experimental brew : The scientific community is moving out of the research laboratory and into a trendy café near you.’


The prestigious magazine Science ran a feature on our Cambridge Café Scientifique in June ’03. Download a pdf of the article from here.

The Guardian

The Guardian ran an article on the Café Scientifique 'And now for the scientifique bit' Thursday Life section on 22nd May 2003. 

Radio Four

Café Scientifique was the main topic of discussion on Radio 4’s Material World programme in the week of 13th March 2003. The programme featured the Leeds Café Scientifique and included interviews with café members as well as Duncan Dallas, who began the Café Scientifique network in the UK, and Janna Levin.


Café Scientifique appears in the November 2002 Issue of [a-n] magazine, one of the UK’s leading art publications, in an article about the interface between art and science & technology.

Bar Business

Café Scientifique was featured in a November issue of Flavr, a magazine for Bar owners.  Following this we have had calls from Bar owners interested in getting involved in the network. We are also  to be featured on  UK Food Service Info – a web-based magazine for the catering industry.

In the Ether

On 23rd October 2003, on Radio WM’s Carl Chin Show, Emil Toescu gave a great interview promoting the launch of the Birmingham Café Scientifique. He said ‘It’s an informal way to meet and have a good time ... discuss scientific issues … everyone with curiosity who likes to asks questions is welcome …’.

The event was also featured in the Birmingham Evening Mail on 25th October.

On the Web

Click here for photos of Café Scientifique events at the brilliant WAX Bar in Nottingham.

Science in Vogue 

In the November 2002 issue of Vogue, Kate Weinberg wrote about the trend towards exercising the brain as well as the body. In a feature called 'Brain Pleasing' she said:  

Café Philosophe and Cafe Scientifique (two groups that meet in cafes, restaurants and theatres across the country) steer clear of dull theorising by addressing provocative, current issues to an eager young crowd ...

Packet of Crisps with your Cosmology?

Simon Singh, writing the ‘First Person’ column in The New Scientist in April 2002 explained that we are expanding our network across the UK. Simon is also working on ‘getting science out of the lecture theatre’. Check out his own website at : www.simonsingh.net .

Big Fluffy Sofas

Cambridge University’s ‘Varsity’ Magazine ran a piece by Toby Ferenczi in May 2002, heralding the arrival of Café Scientifique in the city. Toby said ‘Café Scientifique is an organisation which tries to take science away from the bum-numbing chairs of the classroom and into big, fluffy sofas ... It tries to play a role in promoting public engagement in science; making it accountable, because science is no longer for the scientist alone.’

Ace Caff, Nice prof Attached

In February 2002, The Guardian’s Science Editor, Tim Radford gave us some good promotion for our launch event at the ICA in London on his Thursday Science page. 

Join a Latte Show ...

‘When it comes to Science, I’d rather have a Latte than a lecture,’ wrote Anjana Ahuja in The Times ‘Science Briefing’, February 2002. 

The article also promoted our ICA launch and featured our strapline ‘We want people to be as opinionated about science as they are about football’.