Cafe Organisers: Have you ever wondered how Glasgow goes to café sci? How participants behave in Bristol? Where Sheffield sources its scientists? What’s new in Newcastle? What they’re planning in Pendle?


We want to create connections between cafes, a chain reaction of listening, a contagion of experience from one café to another. Before Café Sci’s 21st birthday in 2019, we want 21 organisers/participants/speakers to visit 21 other cafes. Falmouth to Portsmouth; Leamington Spa to Leeds; Henley on Thames to the Isle of Wight – or any other pairing you can think of.


We hope this chain will inspire, cross-contaminate, re-vivify, spread the word, and generally be rather fun.  It’s what our late founder, Duncan would have wanted, tapping the spirit of anarchy and change to keep it all fresh.


We're just asking three things:

·         A creative response to what you see and hear, tagged #cafesci and #cafescicontagion on Instagram: video, photo, poem, short story, painting …

·         The promise that when you visit a café, you tell them what’s happening back at yours, and encourage the contagion to spread

·         21 visits before Café Sci’s 21st birthday in autumn 2019


Cafe Scientifique 20th Anniversary

Autumn 2018 marks the twentieth anniversary of Cafe Scientifique in the UK (it coincidentally started at around the same time in France).


Please raise a glass, or a cup, in one of your autumn meetings to mark this occasion and remember the founder of cafe scientifique, Duncan Dallas.

Research paper on Dutch science cafes

New research paper analysing Dutch science cafes


As some of you know, science cafes have become increasingly interesting to the academic world. This recently-published paper (open access) is an analysis of Dutch science cafes, including the perspectives of participants, organisers and hosts.

Leeds cafe Science-Comedy Slam

The Leeds (Chapel Allerton) cafe recently held its fourth -- and most ambitious yet -- annual science slam. This evening of science-themed comedy attracted eight presenters, a mix of previous speakers and audience regulars. The organiser of the cafe, Dominic Rayner, says that a slam is a much bigger commitment than organising an ordinary meeting, and the science-comedy slam doubly so, it was certainly worthwhile. Despite being totally unrehearsed it went really well and generated great feedback.


If any other cafe organiser is interested in holding a similar evening, Dominic has offered to share his experience. Contact details on the Leeds cafe page.


First cafe in Cambodia

The Cafe Scientifique family welcomes the first cafe in Cambodia, held in Phnom Penh recently. 

Alongside the cafe held recently in Laos, it is a real pleasure to see cafe sci extending into a new region.