Thanks to our sponsors

Many Cafes Scientifiques are supported by local sponsors. See individual pages for details. 

Currently, the website and the central organisation (basically, me, looking after the website!) has no sponsors.

 nmasthead 1100Between 2002-2005 the Wellcome Trust funded the national co-ordinator's post for three years , making possible the expansion of the cafe movement throughout the UK.



awt r01_c1_4680The Wellcome Trust is an independent research-funding charity, established under the will of Sir Henry Wellcome in 1936. It is funded from a private endowment, which is managed with long-term stability and growth in mind.

Its mission is 'to foster and promote research with the aim of improving human and animal health'. To this end, it supports 'blue sky' research and applied clinical research. It also encourages the exploitation of research findings for medical benefit.

Reflecting the profound impact today's research will have on society, the Wellcome Trust
also seeks to raise awareness of the medical, ethical and social implications of research and promote dialogue between scientists, the public and policy makers.